I am flexible with respect to time. I interviewed with Booz prior to this and BOMBED that interview, it was positively awful, they grilled me to death and I was not mentally prepared for it. If an extra amount of 40 liters of lemon juice is added, what is the new percentage of lemon juice in the mix? In addition, similar to 1 above, most interviewers will like candidates who align often. Second, you charged me a fee to tell me something I already knew, And. If I am to go to an ATM instead, what is the least amount of money in US dollars do I want to withdraw in order to be better off compared to when I make a transaction? This department gives each employee 3 months of fixed salary for bonus annually.

Only allow yourself 30 — 45 seconds per question start with 45 then gradually moving down to Thank you for the remark and sorry for the inconvenience. Applying to Harvard Business School this fall? Display posts from previous: Also, given that most firms are not too generous with the materials they distribute, this approach will help you find more practice material without having to pay for commercially available practice tests. Samson requires that he be compensated an amount equal to his salary for 30 months if he is to be fired before the contract ends.

McKinsey PST Problem Solving Test Practice : Case Interview Prep

Candidate-led usual style Topics: I tried them for the interview service and they were absolutely great. What do former clients have to say? Depending on your purpose of using this package for Case Interview Prep or for Entrance Test Prepthe appropriate methods for using this package are different.


Then try to increase the number of correct answers within the pre-targeted time allowed.

Does anyone have any pst tests like mckinsey’s??? Now, we can eliminate all answers but US and MX. You may practice calculating out loud as if you are presenting your calculation to interviewers. Hello, has solvving tried the Practce McKinsey problem solving test from January ? How much is winning a Grand Slam worth?

And do a case interview with them, you won’t regret it: Most of my colleagues did not have this happen to them for the Analyst position, but my interviewer did throw this at me, he told me I had 20 minutes to solve the tough case with full listed assumption, but bfg back in about 7 minutes and asked for the summary.

I did a Google search, and found there are some very good PST sample tests that you sllving practice.

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

Practice Pays we will pick new questions that match your level based on your Timer History. How many clerks solvin this CPC need to hire?

Typical Question Types in Written Tests

Please let us know if you have any doubts about any question or answer key. I drove a Honda Accord at 25 mpg miles per gallon.

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

Gathering data, Analyzing and Writing Report. Alex was penalized for online piracy. Assume that Rental is the only Fixed Cost.

bcg online sample problem solving test pst 2008

I already got those from their site a and I was wondering of these are any others or anybody has the tests from “my consulting coach” Thanks. The PST questions are not that hard, but time is very tight.

What is the return on this investment in dollars per month and per year? Interviewers would rather allow more time for candidates to tsst calculations correctly than get quick but wrong answers. Project Management Energy and Utilities.


Calculate the dollar value of profit of Knock-Knock-Knob in the last quarter of May 23 Leadership in Admissions The building management is to rent out spaces at the rate of m2 per day. Recently, his club has the intention of ending the contract with Samson while he still has another 2 years to play.

Typical questions styles in PST-like tests

How much does the company lose on this train? Interestingly, the consulting business does not work that way. Only allow yourself 30 — 45 seconds per question start with 45 then gradually moving down to If an extra amount of 40 liters of lemon juice is added, what is the new percentage of lemon juice in the mix?

In the first quarter ofthey received cases, half of which required only an hour, one fifth of the remaining required more than one hour and the rest required to be taken away. Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum since I’m preparing for case interviews as well. Click here to sign up. The company loses an average of 30 rupees for anyone that does not sit in the coach.