There were several more incidents like the Manili massacre but the government’s failure to stop these led many Muslims including some government officials to believe that the military was involved. They are those who have retained some or all of their own social, economic, cultural, and political beliefs and has the right to identify themselves by ascription or self-ascription. August 12, [3]. The representatives that would be authorized to the region are nine reserved powers for the central government, 57 exclusive powers for the Bangsamoro, and 14 concurrent powers for both. News Center Government Careers. It adopted the Constitution, without special provisions, concerning the Moros in the name of national unity and integrity.

Guidelines for Using Beyond Intractability resources. Frontier-of-the-field explorations of what makes so many conflicts intractable and what to do about it. Yes, our homeland seems to be eternally in conflict. The trainees were supposedly part of a secret Marcos scheme to split Islamic ranks, provoke a war between Sulu and Sabah, and then invade and reclaim Sabah. Our homeland, located in certain parts of Mindanao and Sulu, is ninety-nine percent Muslim in a country that is ninety percent Christian.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

With the interest of the Bangsamoro people in mind and the need bangasmoro implement signed agreements, particularly the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro CABthe new proposed BBL remains faithful to the letter and spirit of the CAB and considered the other agreements gained through decades of peace negotiations, namely the Tripoli agreement and the Final Peace agreement. They many not be able to effect a turn around of Philippine government policy, but they can make it more responsive and humane.

A sense of peace that can only come from knowing you are safe, you are home.

Growing up in the midst of the armed conflict between the Bangsamoro fighters and the Philippine government, I have witnessed the economic and psychological devastation that have been wrought on my country and my people. The Intractable Conflict Challenge. The OLBARMM will provide annual block grants and special development funds to be allotted for the rehabilitation of damaged communities in the Bangsamoro region.


The passage of BBL was not initially set to be tackled by the 17th Congress. By the middle of the tagalkg was all but dead. The Philippine nation’s political and cultural legitimacy must be rooted on the informed and manifest consent of the governed. Gowing, Mandate in Moroland: Before Islam came to the Philippines, all its inhabitants had a common origin.

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Oxford University Press,p. The principle of separation of church bagsamoro state was not entirely foreign to the Christian Filipinos. Retrieved 24 April Otherwise, the remaining alternative for the Bangsamoro people is independence. The legislation was ratified by both the Senate and the House of Representatives on July 23 and 24, respectively. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Spain also made sure that the Indios feared, disliked and hated the Moros with their frequent staging of Moro-Moro plays.

As I continue to work for peace, I bangsamorro that I am part of larger whole and success can only happen in the sets of relationships that I must continuously build in order to have the collective healing[25] necessary for the Bangsamoro People and the Filipino People to restore their common narrative and live in one united and free community.

The BBL is currently under review of Congress who is tasked with passing it into law.

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Perennial Library,p. The Philippine Supreme Court, composed mostly of Christian Filipino jurists with little or no knowledge of Islamic law, can set aside the decisions of the Sharia Courts.

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Ilaga atrocities included the massacre of 70 Muslims and the wounding of 17 others inside a mosque and a nearby barrio of Manili in Carmen, North Cotabato, on June 19, According to Misuari, the republic’s territory encompasses the islands of BasilanMindanaoPalawanSulu and Tawi-Tawi [4] where the Bangsamoro traditionally lived. When I think of life in my island, what I remember are my elders and their never-ending stories, the colors and patterns that insist on being beautiful while defying rules, the bangsamkro to prayer from our mosques, the txgalog, a dance they say, but for us, is meditation in movement.


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Bangsamork must be in the fishing boats, in farms, in public markets, in classrooms, in cinemas and theatres and museum, in TV ads, in corporate boardrooms, in banks, in the streets. Retrieved March 19, And the most honest answer that came out was, when we can finally go home.

bangsamoro essay tagalog

My grandparents would even go further, describing how American soldiers arrived in and, by the s, brought with them Christian Filipinos from the North to serve as local administrators and to assist in the American occupation. Peace remains elusive and Bangsamofo is a powder keg that can explode any moment. Lapu-Lapu was a soldier of the Sultan of Sulu sent to the area to support some of their allies.

bangsamoro essay tagalog

Some Marawi City residents expressing optimism on the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law BOLsaying it will help bring the needed rehabilitation and healing to the Islamic city. In practice, however, the concept of autonomy appeared to be strict supervision and control by the Office of the President and the Philippine Congress. As an organic actthe Basic Law aims to abolish the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and provide for the basic structure of government for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Regionfollowing the agreements set forth in the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro peace agreement gagalog between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Frederick Anderson New York: The trainees were supposedly part of a secret Marcos scheme to split Islamic ranks, provoke a war between Sulu and Sabah, and then invade and reclaim Sabah.