Affordances, Use and Design. The total number of variations and possibilities is reduced drastically when a web designer applies such standards. Public Talks Projecting as Cultural Gesture. Project Fussballtrikots im Wandel der Zeit. Project Schulgarten war gestern. Public Talks Branding Customer Experience.

Understanding Complexity and Computational Irreducibility in Design. Project Cool and casual. Project Glass-Objects and the Interference of Colours. Public Conferences Design of Operative Images. Public Talks The City: Public Talks Oriental and Occidental Positions: Project Countdown to the Future.

bachelor thesis modedesign

Public Talks Securing the Internet of Things: The Next Generation of Sustainability. Public Talks How Art Seduces.

Modedesign als interdisziplinäres Medium by Jessica Dettinger on Prezi

Public Talks Oriental and Occidental Positions: Understanding Complexity and Computational Irreducibility in Design. Public Talks Matter Matters. Unternehmen und Studierende im Dialog. Public Talks Branding Customer Experience.

Exploring Gendered Spaces in Design. Project Crime Cologne Award Public Talks Art and Type. Public Talks Algorithms in Public Space.


Public Talks Technology in Performance. Project Die Entdeckung der Typographie. Public Talks Video Killer.

Anna-Luiese Sinning

Project Bionic — Flying. Concepts like User Experience and User Experience Design have through the development of the field become actors of great influence in web design. Public Talks Nguyen The Son: Designing Interactive Learning Environments.

Public Events ,Talks Beautiful Anarchy: Project years of womens suffrage. Autonomous Cars and Hardware Trojans. Public Talks Debunking Naturalness: Public Talks International Design. Project Designing Smart Healthcare.

Project Transition Space — The space in between. Project Design, Politik und Demokratievermittlung: Project IoT at the Zoo. Public Events ,Talks Affirming Potential. Project Material als Akteur. Project Hyper Machines — Kinetic Independency. Public Talks Musikalische Konzeption, Szenografie u.

Public Exhibitions Die unsichtbare Stadt. Affordances, Use and Design. Through breaking down, analyzing and merging the design processes of mldedesign couture and web design we created a design method that gives awareness to the design choices and helps to question the standards and explore alternative solutions.


bachelor thesis modedesign

The Artificial Landscape of Vietnam. A New Kind of Design.