I think everyone has to know one’s own mind. Folgen Sie uns auf: Thanks to additional summer schools and cooperations with other universities I could develop and broaden these skills significantly. No one expects that you know everything. The present bachelor thesis analyses an actual problem — tax havens and tax competition. Besides, studying has given me much satisfaction.

Folgen Sie uns auf: While studying we learned a lot but did even more. The main focus is renewable energies, biomass and rural electrification. With this job my desire to work in a free enterprise has become true. Not only nice memories with my fellow students, but particularly a professional skill set and a good startup for my professional career. IT skills that i got during my studies were high and i could get a job even in Urban Planning but still continuing developing environmental and tourism projects. It connects environmental and forestry knowledge with current information technologies.

I will start working now at the institution where I accomplished my research project as well as my master thesis. They range from strategic work and lobbying for international adaptation funds to educational work. There is no gainsay that the techniques acquired during my FIT programme were very instrumental in the successful completion of my PhD.

The proposal was selected amongst eligible applications for the call. For three years, I have been working for Germanwatch.

Anne Kraft | Hochschule Eberswalde –

With my knowledge and my experiences which I gathered in that time, the feeling of urgency increased. I wanted to study a course combining information technology and environment, therefore, FIT was an excellent option for me. I find the FIT-programme covers a smart and exciting combination of computer skills with practical orientation on nature scientific topics.

I was trained with a practical and solutions-oriented approach in topics concerning mitigation and adaptation to climate change, nature resources management and conservation, and decisionmaking processes and tools for sustainable development.


bachelor thesis hnee

In times of resource scarcity, a bio-economy based on renewable resources like forest products is one to increasing consumption of materials and energy. WhereCamp at TU Berlin.

I can actually say that the qualification gained from the FIT Master programme helped me to get the job I was always looking for. I often work on technical topics like how certain policy influence the atmosphere and what a certain raise in temperature means for different countries — for that you need the natural scientific background. Second, I searched for a field where I could use and consolidate my logical reasoning. This decision seemed to be the right, as all professors and class mates encouraged me to improve my knowledge in computer sciences, statistics and GIS.

My job is to make sure politicians and society understand the importance of nature conservation and that forests are precious habitats for various animals and plants. Each of the PhD thesis will research on one part of the ecosystem such as analysing the roots as well as flora and fauna. Classes consisted of learning technical as well as social skills with classmates from Cameroon, Canada, Germany, India, Nepal, Poland and Spain.

bachelor thesis hnee

This intensive course provided me substantial theoretical framework and critical perspective on the main drivers of the global environmental change. I have acquired practical knowledge hnef skills in IT education and more especially its application in solving environmental problems. The gathered climatic information can be used in the future to prepare recommendations at the neighbourhood level in a 3D simulation.

To achieve that I found Eberswalde the appropriate bwchelor and therefore I studied here in the International Forest Ecosystem Information Technology programme. The broad range of GCM had a beneficial effect in my work. Studies are one thing, employment something else. First, I wanted to learn about tools that practically help in forest and environmental management.


Another asset of Bwchelor is its international and interdisciplinary profile because thereby you get to know a lot of other gnee and strategies on how to cope with global change. Especially bnee impact of tax havens on OECD countries in the context of tax competition is an often discussed topic. For two weeks, expert practitioners specialized in the field set up ten professional courses, and intend to develop and enhance students’ spatial thinking and practical skills in those area related to GIS.

The conference focuses on IT solutions in forestry. GIS in Enviromental Management Today mapping and navigation are amongst the most popular everyday usages of mobile devices.

Faculty of Forest and Environment

With this job my desire to work in a free enterprise has become true. The knowledge and skills gained during this time have applications not only in bachelorr, but in a wide thesie of fields within the natural sciences. GCM has its finger on the pulse of the time and offers great job opportunities. I must say that, within the past two years my knowledge in the applications of Geomatics and IT in forest and environmental management has skyrocketed from a novice to an expert.

I am preparing now to found my own company for Environmental IT.

bachelor thesis hnee

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