The Knowledge Society – Dr. On Shaking Hands A. The Knowledge Society –A. In Gardiner’s writing On Shaking Hands a lucid and precise discussion is carried out in perfection and emphatically declares that unless, the medical proof of any contamination is established he would not stop hand shaking. Gardiner is of the view that hands shake is the most innocent and amiable custom of greeting.

But the disorderly kissing of the English seems to be indecent. Retrieved 24 September West approached the problem of teaching English not from the standpoint of pedagogy, but from the standpoint of social needs of the Indian people. He holds your hand until you feel tempted to throw it out. Which may leave some readers to suspect that Gardiner himself is no more than an instrument of Western society and that society itself is at fault with its inability to change or engage with the practices of other cultures. The Russians have the ability to kiss one another on the cheek. Post a Comment Drop any query, suggestion or comment here.

Inhe was appointed editor of the Blackburn Weekly Telegraph. Critical Commentary on A.

When in reality their character may be different to the perception that Gardiner derives from the handshake. Which may suggest to some readers that Gardiner is going to extremes.


ag gardiner essay on shaking hands

This page was last edited on 2 Mayat Read More Teaching English The new method is the outcome of his research. The would be judged for a weak or over whaking handshake and any business that one might wish to engage with the person might be met with a narrow-mind due to the quality of the handshake. It is a social custom.

A.G. Gardiner: On Shaking Hands ~ ANU UG / Degree 2nd, 4th, 6th Sem Exam RV Results March

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ag gardiner essay on shaking hands

A manner that is only know in Western society were the act of shaking hands is customary. Gardiner we have the theme of civility, conflict, change, perception and choice. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Views Read Edit View history.

Post a Comment Drop any query, suggestion or comment here. Wh- Questions with examples 1. It made him forget his parents and everything else in the world.

Critical Commentary on A. G. Gardiner’s “On Shaking Hands”

Gardiner compares the custom of shaking hands with other customs. However to someone from England such practices are frowned upon and one tries to master the sha,ing to the best of their ability.


Wikiquote has quotations related to: People in the world have their own forms of greetings. Even it is criticized on medical grounds.

Alfred George Gardiner

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It is a symbol of courtesy. In On Shaking Hands by A. What may be pleasing to one person may not be pleasing to another. Facebook Twitter Email Print. On Shaking Hands by A.

On Shaking Hands–A.G. Gardiner

Gardiner comparatively discusses hands shake along with the other mood of salutation kissing, practiced and excessively nourished in the 15 th and 16 th century during reign of Tudor kings.

Another type of person puts his hand in your palm affectionately. In this essay, Gardiner comments on the popular custom of shaking hands. Snaking holds your hand until you feel tempted to throw it out. The Indians use salaams while the Arabs touch the breast of their friend.