We will work on the chapter closure activities on Tuesday and have the end assessment on chapter 4 Friday. You have been working hard for 3 weeks. Welcome to 7th grade math. Please help your child by checking over their homework. Search Our Site Go. Applications are still available for all 6th grade through 8th grade students if you are interested.

Again, what a wonderful group of students to work with! I grade for correctness on Friday. Due to testing this week, students will not have homework. Students need to master these skills in order to be prepared for 8th grade fast track math. We are finishing up rational number operations and have begun writing equations from word problems this week. Kirian in room before June 1st. We are wrapping up Chapter 9 this week as we continue to focus on volume and surface area of three dimensional shapes.

Middle School Math Info. Students are learning about how to analyze and interpret graphs and how surveys work.

7th grade homework website chms

Parents, you should have received report cards last week for the 1st 9 weeks. This website endeavors to comply with best practices and standards defined by Section of the U. Students have started researching a famous mathematician of their choice.


7th Grade Clarendon Hills Middle School

Students are working in their new teams this week. Some students have slacked off a bit with showing work which is always required. The students will take their final test on Chapter 5 this Friday. As always,please reach out if you have questions. I always have extra resources I can send home for extra chns

7th grade homework website chms

The DeSoto County School District is also committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology websitte ability. Following is the homework for the week. RELAX, and enjoy the weekend!!! Students took their Chapter 6 test today on Algebraic equations and inequalities. Look through the last two weeks’ homework assignments for questions that will be assessed this week: Friday will be an assessment day for sections 6.

Check the calendar link for what’s going on in class and homework hpmework.

Christensen Middle School

Monday students will receive a classwork packet with 5 skill pages in it. YOU have worked hard this week: There will not be a new classwork packet given out this Friday.

Have confidence in yourself! The online course selection portal for current 6th and 7th grade students will be active March April 13, Students need to master these skills in order to be prepared for 8th grade fast track math. Bullying policy 1 Character 1 Homework. Classwork packet will be due Friday. We have gone over the correct answers in class so students’ papers should reflect the correct answers. The homework I assigned in. This is a new thing that will start Monday as I have been passing the classwork pages out daily and students are having trouble finishing them in the last few minutes of class.


I enjoy too having all the band directors.

Homework will be checked daily and awarded points. Study 7ty Chapter 5 test. Friday-assessment on chapter 7 Homework for the week: We have started 2nd 9 weeks with finding percentages and writing algebraic expressions to represent word problems.

As always, if you have questions or concerns contact me anytime! Follow us on Twitter.

7th grade homework website chms