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A comment on physical inhomogeneity, aggregation bias, and coproduction. Assessing the materiality of various sustainability issues in the agrifood sector with LCA-based tools: Adding transparency to consequential lifecycle assessment and general equilibrium models through structural path decomposition analysis. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. Enhanced migration of polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins and furans in the presence of pentachlorophenol-treated oil in soil around utility poles:

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Improving aircraft end-of-life management practices: Systematic comparison of midpoint contributions determined by three LCIA methods: Journal of Industrial Ecology 15 4: Practicaly, the different system boundaries sthdy the two approaches are included in the 19gh of different EFs.

A very recent analysis of life cycle impact assessment LCIA methods adressing ecosystem quality.


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International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 20 1: Life cycle assessment of spray dried soluble coffee and comparison with alternatives drip filter and capsule espresso. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 57 0: Allocation factors and issues in agricultural carbon footprint: International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 19 International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18 6: Life cycle impact assessment of biopolymers: A process-based approach to operationalize life cycle assessment through the development of an eco-design decision-support system.

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19th setac europe lca case study symposium

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International Reference Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services

Van Zelm and M. Carbon Footprint of Canadian Dairy Products: International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment – doi: Introduction to LCA-based water footprint. More importantly, the on-site activities related to prefabricated and cast-in-situ concrete can be evaluated separately.


Application and challenges of life cycle assessment in the context of a green sustainable telco cloud. Whereas the IPCC standard yields an amount of emissions related to the carbon content of the vector, the LCA approach produces a more holistic amount of emissions that is related to the whole fuel supply-chain that is characterised by the European reference Life Cycle Database ELCD.

Workshop on life cycle modelling approaches for environmental assessment of future-oriented scenarios:

19th setac europe lca case study symposium